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Own Your Fate was born in a moment of inspiration when our founder, Angie, was dealing with major life transitions - including children leaving for college and an impending divorce. She realized that, while it’s up to all of us to own our own fate – sometimes, we feel stuck and don’t know how to break through the fear that is keeping us from our goals.


As part of hitting her own “reset” button, she spent a year traveling and speaking with women around the world – learning that, whether life is amazing or difficult, we all need to take a step back and get some distance to see the path ahead.


Own Your Fate offers you the opportunity to recharge, take a deep breath, and gain perspective on some of the obstacles life can throw your way. We want Own Your Fate to be a resource where you can meet and bond with supportive women who understand the stress we go through as CEOs, business owners, employees, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and more!


One of Angie’s favorite quotes is “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down” from "Her" by Kobi Yamada. Let’s all work together to build our wings!

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Angie Tate is a political strategist and fundraising expert with more than 25 years of experience.


Angie spent eight years as the CFO of the California Democratic Party and the chief fundraising consultant to former California Governor Jerry Brown.  

She has been at the center of California politics and worked closely with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California US Senator and Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.


Angie is a frequent speaker on California politics and elections. She currently has a political consulting firm with John L. Burton - Burton and the the Brains. 


BA Government - California State University Sacramento

Colleen is an experienced executive leader, business owner, and certified professional coach.  She has navigated the last two decades of personal and professional successes and challenges first as a single mother of three supporting her family and building a career and then merging efforts with her husband in a “blended” family of six children claiming no resemblance to the Brady Bunch.

Colleen holds a particular passion for holistically developing people and teams in an integrated approach to their personal and professional lives. She works with individuals and groups inside and outside of the work environment to design and accomplish meaningful change and achieve work and life goals. 


BA Psychology & Business Administration – UCLA

Certificate in Professional Coaching – UC Davis

Stephanie is a personal and professional coach who can help you to let go of fear, develop your goals, and follow your dreams – both personally and professionally.

In her “previous life” Stephanie spent over 15 years as a sales and marketing leader, juggling family, full time work and extensive business travel. However, three years ago, she decided to follow her dreams. She and her husband sold everything they owned and moved out of the US with an 11 year-old, two dogs and ten suitcases and she began her career helping other people


Stephanie can help you understand what is holding you back from achieving your goals, and will work with you to develop a roadmap that will get you on track to live the life you’ve always wanted.



BA Psychology - California State University, Sacramento

Certificate in Professional Coaching – The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Ann is an experienced Financial Services and HR professional who spent more than a decade recruiting senior level executives for some of the leading investment banks in the City of London. She is highly skilled in identifying strengths and development points for people wishing to change their professional or life paths. Ann subsequently left the world of big corporates to pursue a more balanced life abroad and has for the last 7 years run her own business in Portugal.

Ann now combines her passion for travel with her penchant for organising events and is responsible for making sure you have the best experience possible at your Own Your Fate retreat.



BA English Literature - University of Ghent, Belgium 


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